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Any Ol Bag Will Do – Self Analysis

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Danielle Panza

Professor Nita Johnson

Public Speaking

23 August 2017

Any Ol Bag Will Do – Self Analysis

First off, I would just like to start this analysis of my presentation off by saying, I did not expect to be as nervous as I was during my actual presentation. In fact, I did not expect to be that nervous at all, I felt confident before class. I honestly considered volunteering to go first, just to get it out of the way. But as soon as I began to head for the front of the room I began to get more in more nervous, and once I got to the front of classroom and saw all the eyes watching me it hit me. Anyone watching my presentation could tell that I was nervous. I could feel my face get warmer and turn pink. But I really see my nervous habits when I watched my presentation myself. In the beginning of the video I touch/fix my hair, one thing I am known for doing when I get nervous. I also noticed that I would make a weird face when I talked during my presentation. Though, I do understand during public speaking you are supposed to make facial expressions, I feel the one ugly expression I kept making while I talked was completely attribute to my nervousness. I also picked up on myself using filler words a lot such as, “like,” and “um.” The use of filler words comes from two things; me not having a complete presentation prepared and my nervousness of course. Though I did struggle with eye contact, filler words, and just nervous habits I feel as though I did do one thing right with my delivery and that is project. I felt as though while I was presenting everyone in the room could hear me loud and clearly. Other than that, I would really like to improve on my public speaking. I think I just let everything get to me while I present and just over think about things, like the opinion of my peers.

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