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  1. Grendel stays away from Hrothgar's throne because conforming to the probable case for the background of the piece being written by monk, the throne hold a religious symbol in its existence. Since grendel is the descendant cain made him fundamentally “Demonized”. Hrothgar is displayed as a god  fearing man, so his throne is shielded by god himself. Grendel being evil and Hrothgar's throne being shielded  by god makes destroying the throne impossible.
  2. In pages 141-171 Beowulf  showed his plan to slay grendel. Beowulf wasn't scared at first but he was now a brave warrior he also was bragging and confident that he could kill any creatures even the ones that everyone thought was impossible to defeat
  3. The poet use of alliteration influences the tone for lines 1-2 by introducing this creature, grendel as this annoyed  wicked beast. From lines 207-210, it portrays what this beast is, blood thirsty in anger by slowly minimizing the troops. From lines 293-300, sets it as an all out warzone . beowulf and grendel slamming each other against walls. Gold, mead and tables being flipped and throw around.
  4. Beowulf discloses  the fundamental values of the heroic culture that characterizes anglo-saxon and other early germanic societies. Their values uphold the warrior aristocracy, including loyalty and the high value placed on kinship.
  5. The poet may have chosen many reasons to fully describe in great details the battle with Grendel's mother to show that initially she was something to be scared of more than grendel was. Grendel was in fact a huge beast, but his mother that gave birth to him had to be bigger. Describing that they lived underwater and showing that grendel had a way with weapons made it promising for the reader.
  6. Universal themes that are conveyed between the fights in beowulf are loyalty and courage. Beowulf gave loyalty to hrothgar by slaying grendel and his mother . showing courage as beowulf steps up to fight grendel and his mom, defeating them .
  7. Kennings talking to grendel would be a deathshadow, captain of evil, hell-brute, and hail-watcher. Kennings associated with grendel's mother would be a hell-bride, hell-dam. And troll-dam. These phrases convey the poet's attitude towards the characters by expressing what type of creatures they are, dangerous, terrifying beasts that eat and kill.
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