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Comparative Essay

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Comparative Essay

The Most Dangerous Game and The Snow of Kilimanjaro are alike in many ways. Three ways they are alike are they both have men trying to survive in the wilderness. Each story has crazy men in them and both stories have people close to death and being scared for their life.

In The Most Dangerous Game Rainsford was trying to hide and run for his life in the jungle on a secluded island where Zaroff is chasing him trying to kill him. In The Snow of Kilimanjaro Bwana is trying to stay alive and not let gang green kill him. They were fighting and hiding for their life.

Both the stories have crazy lunatics in them. In The Most Dangerous Game Zaroff is crazy because he doesn’t like hunting animals like regular people, he likes to hunt humans! He hunted Rainsford in the jungle and planned on killing him. Bwana is also crazy because he already knows he is going to die so all he wants to do is drink whiskey and coke. He is also imagining many things like he

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