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Critical Thinking 3 Dr. Jon W Brooks

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Griffin C. Davis

Dr. Jon W. Brooks

ENC 1102 TR Fall 2016

September 6, 2016

Critical Thinking 3

2.         The protagonist and the wolf girls were concerned with their social status within their family. In the woods, the formed social bonds and status based on survival in the woods, and the strongest members of the family were seen as more fit to survive, thus earning a higher social status within the family. However, the girls hate Jeanette in the human society, because she was the most far-removed from the history and bonds the girls had made with each other in woods. However, the girls still want to be held highly within their new society. The reason they hated Mirabella, is because she holds the whole group back from social progress within the community. This is why the main protagonist feels it is best to be somewhere in the middle of the success rate of integration within the group.

3.         To me, the majority of the story seems to be about education for children that grew up in broken parts of the world. The girls are instructed on learning things they have never had any experience before with, such as reading, dancing, and even walking up straight. Much like kids from actual broken parts of the world, most of the girls find difficulty in learning these new skills that have never had any exposure with before. There are always exceptions, though, just like how Jeanette is the exception of the group in terms of learning. The story is also about being bicultural; although the girls want to be accepted in this new community, they often revert back to some of their old customs in the process of integration. The quotations from the Jesuit Handbook on Lycanthropic Culture Shock serve to highlight the behaviors the girls will express during that portion of the book.         

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