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Fahrenheit 451 Annotated Bibliography

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Big Brother and Dystopias Annotated Bibliography

Fahrenheit 451, Theme of Fahrenheit 451, 4 December 2011.

Todd Alcott, Fahrenheit 451, 26 October 2008

In the world of Fahrenheit 451, society does not have a government, at least they do not have one that is explained. There is no law enforcement, therefore firefighters are they only group of people to enforce the “rules.” Without government, there are no true laws in society, besides not being allowed to own or read any books. Due to the lack of leadership, teenagers attempt to run people over in the streets as a source of fun. The world is beginning to run rampage, and the war is coming, however, the mindless people of society could care less, therefore they will end up dead. The Big Brother of Fahrenheit 451 wants society to be happy, as long as it does not include indulging in books.

The sources included information both describing what a big brother is and how the society does not take action in having an official government. Primarily the sources explain the cause and effect that the lack of government has on the world. Great websites to visit for researching about big brother in Fahrenheit 451 for an annotated bibliography. This source was very basic and contained large text with smaller words that a younger student could understand.

Cliffnotes, Critical Essay Analysis, 2016

Study, Dystopian Characteristics

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