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Hercles Book Vs Movie

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The book/Movie about Hercules our great demi god. Hello, my name is Evan and I am

going to talk to you about what I liked better the book or the movie about Hercules

I must say before I start that I much liked the movie better than the book because I am

one of those guys that does not like to read lol there was a lot of big differences in the

book and movie in the book they were talking about how Hercules was a god and he was

going around killing people but in the book. Hercules had tasks where he was trying to find

his family and was trying to get to hera so he could kill her because she tried to poison

Hercules when he was little. in the book Hercules did

not have anyone that would help him in his fights but in the movie, he had Pegasus his

pet Pegasus was a house that got Hercules to the places he needed to be at when Hercules

was at Olympus as a kid he got Pegasus as a gift from his parents Zeus and Alcmene.

Hercules love him but tried to help him when hera his enemy was after him because she

was jealous of Hercules because of how much people liked him. in the movie Zeus sent

Hercules to an old friend chorion a guy who trains people Chiron said that Hercules

has a big temper and lack of intelligence to fight in the movie it never? He

;;ptalked about how Hercules got trained to fight so when he was up to fight his first person

in the book the first person he killed was the Neman lion what Hercules did from all of his

training he took the lion into the cave and strangled it where he skinned

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