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House of the Scorpion

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Joshua Purdom

INT. Sidewalk.

We fade in on a sidewalk with GEORGE walking bye some kids playing in the yards of the nearby houses. He passes A women who is running with her dog, Causialy looking back at her. We now see his face, and could tell that GEORGE is at least 15 years old. GEORGE walks out of frame. And the screen fades.


Fades into a busy High School Hallway. Kids are arguing loudly in the backround, others are laughing. The camra pans to GEORGE and his friend CARL as they are on there way to class.


So are you ready for our test in biology?

(Looks to George like he

knows he didnt study.)


Why are you in such a good mood?

(Looks at him confused.)


I'm not, (Sighs)

if I dont pass this test I won't pass highschool.

And I forgot to study!

(Laughs weakly.)


You forgot!! (Trying to hold back from laughing.)

We've known about the test for at least

a month!


He never told me.(Acting as though he outwitted him.)


What are you talking about!?

He made it a point to tell you, he hovered over your face

and told you repeatedly for five minutes!


He did?

(Looking puzzled.)


Your hopeless, i'm amazed you'll

able to find your way home at night.

When they reach there class, CARL is stoped by the teacher wile GEORGE takes his seat. CARL walks back to his desk with a sad look on his face. GEORGE looking puzzled, opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by the teacher.


Good morning class. I hope you all prepared for todays test,

(Stares at CARL with dissapointment.)

The test consists of thirty multiable choice questions.

(Walks around class handing out tests.)

There will be no talking, and no cheating.

Those found cheating will not be allowed back in my class.

You have twenty minutes.



(Turns to CARL on his right and wisperes

with a confused look on his face.)

What was that about?


(Pauses for a moment to check if the TEACHER is looking.)

He said if I fail this test he'll make sure I could'nt make it up

in summer school, and have to retake my sophmore year.

The camra zooms in on GEORGE untill him and his desk fills the screen. He stares out the window lost in thought. Looks at his test and starts filling in the answer bubbles. The screen fades out.


The screen fades in on a dieing oak tree in the dead of night. There is fog surrounding it. The screen pans out and away from the tree to show a lush green feild with gravestones randomly place throughout it. We see GEORGE walking through it. As if he's looking for something. He finds a gravestone thats been recently dug up and filled back in. The name on the stone says CARL. The screen angles around untill GEORGE'S face is in view. He's smileing as he looks at the grave. The screen fades out.


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