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How Does Priestly Present Eric in an Inspector Calls?

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How does priestly present Eric in an inspector calls?

Throughout act one Priestly presents as a mix of shy and reserved yet alert and assertive, this is shown to the audience when he gives an impression of having his own speculations through the use of “ (Involuntarily) My God! “ This stage direction highlights to the reader that he wants his opinion to be heard through the use of soliloquy ; further on throughout act one he is seen “ laughing uncomfortably” which could suggest to the readers that he is nervous about something. Foreshadowing the detectives conclusions. Stage directions such as “(who is uneasy, sharply)” and “(still uneasy)” blend together to express further to the reader how he is meant to be seen.

Throughout act two priestly continues to present Eric as quiet a shy and reserved character. Embedded within the play Mrs. Birling is is seen talking about Eric to the inspector, even though Eric is present in the room, showing that despite his adult age he is regarded as a child. Mrs Birling also describes Eric as “only a boy”, she also states that “he doest drink”. This is not true, and Sheila knows this. Although Erics character is not present in act two his is generally presented in a positive light by his parents. However, at the end of act two the stage directions, “Eric enters looking extremely pale and distresses” which expresses to the readers and audience that Eric is obtaining knowledge about the death of Eva Smith. This then could like back to Erics affair with Eva Smith, foreshadowing her pregnancy which the other Birlings are unaware of.

Finally, In act three

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