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Ibong Adarna

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Gotoman, Angelica A.                                        BSTM 3-2N

Nocom, Jean Alecsandra P.

Pagobo, Junaizza Gin M.

Par, Charlemaine G.

Salac, Anna Lorraine

Ibong Adarna

        Ibong Adarna is a famous epic from the Philippine literature. The story of this is very familiar to every Filipinos. Ibong Adarna is a mythical story, formed in narrative song and poetry called corrido and considered a big part of the Philippine literature, usually studied as part of the secondary curriculum in the country. The author of this fantastic story still remains unknown and uncertain. Some said that the author was Spanish because it has been written when the Spaniards ruled the Philippines. During those times, Ibong Adarna was known as Corrido at Buhay na Pinagdaanan nang Tatlong Principeng Magcacapatid na Anac nang Haring Fernando at nang Reina Valeriana sa Cahariang Berbania. Other critiques said that it has been written by Jose dela Cruz, a great poet here also known as Huseng Sisiw. This amazing folklore is about love, sacrifice and fantasy. Ibong Adarna literally means Adarna Bird. The story centers about catching the mythical bird that possesses magical powers. The Adarna bird is so beautiful and could change in a lot of stunning forms. It is very much hard to catch. It knows a total of seven songs which could either enchant anyone to sleep, turn into stone or heal a deadly sickness.

        The Adarna bird has a fantastically long tail, shiny with metallic colors. It knows a total of seven songs that are believed to lull people to sleep and cure all sicknesses. After each song, the Ibong Adarna changes its feathers of colors and shades. After the last song, it excretes magic, and then finally, sleeps with its eyes wide open. Its droppings can transform any living organism into stone. In the story, Don Fernando, the ruler of the Kingdom of Berbania, fell ill after having a bad dream about Don Juan. In his dream, Don Juan his favorite son, was attacked by two people and then thrown into a well. None of the healers in the kingdom could heal Don Fernando, and his condition worsened. One day, an old doctor arrived in the Berbania and said that the illness of Don Fernando, which was caused by a nightmare, may be cured only by the singing of the bird Adarna (Ibong Adarna). The doctor warned that the bird is really a witch, but it must be captured and brought to Berbania to cure Don Fernando. To catch the bird, the leper advised Don Juan to stay awake to avoid its droppings, which could turn him into a figure of stone, like what happened to his two brothers, Don Pedro and Don Diego, who tried to stay awake in vain. To maintain his vigilance, Don Juan cut his palm with a razor and poured lime juice on his injury. When the bird finished its seven songs, Don Juan climbed the tree and used a gold cord to tie the Ibong Adarna's legs so that it would not escape. Afterwards, he poured water on the stone figures of his brothers under the tree and restored them back to humanity.

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