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In the Visual, the Background Is Vast and Blurry

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Have you ever looked at a “perfect” moment and wished you could have that? Those moments that make us envious and desire are not always accurate, and can be pretty deceiving. The truth behind idealism is not always accurate, and can be distorted and deceptive, especially when the idealistic view of society reflects an unclear truth. When we view idealism, the truth behind it can be distorted, and the truth is often overshadowed by society’s reflection and view of idealism.

In the visual, the background is vast and blurry, and water is a prominent feature in this photo. We can barely make out any details about the background of the picture, which can represent the blurry, unclear truth that surrounds an idealistic moment like this. Even if we can make out some details, most of the truth is unclear and feels more general, which is blurred by idealism. The water represents the truth, and since the water is in the background and also a little distorted, we see that it reinforces the idea of the truth being distorted and blurry. When you look at your reflection in moving water, you get a distorted view of what is actually there, and that is the same with the truth behind idealism.

Another key feature of this visual is the odd camera angle and the body positions of the two people. The odd camera angle gives a view of two people in a rearview mirror, and the camera angle itself is up close and doesn’t give an entire view of what is going on, which can be deceptive. This also represents the truth behind idealism, and how things aren’t always what they look like, because you don’t see the bigger picture, which can be deceptive and deceiving. In the reflection of the rearview mirror, we see a man and a woman, wearing expensive looking clothing and the man has his back facing the water. The reflection can represent society’s view on idealism, and reflect a distorted, deceptive image of the truth. The expensive looking clothes they wear is also a part of the idea society has on idealism, portraying this idea of “perfection”.

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