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Life of Pi

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The life of Pi is all about this man named Pi and his life experiences. This book describes all aspects of his life from when he was a boy to a tragic experience he has as a young adult. The book begins talking about Pi’s childhood and how much he misses India but loves Canada. You learn throughout the book that Pi is a very intellectual person who has very deep thoughts and views on religion. Pi is someone who recognizes how animals have a lot of similarities to humans. He compares humans to animals a lot and how zoos are related to religion in a way.

Pi has learned a lot from life at the zoo throughout his childhood. He had said “life is a constant battle for survival, a race against the odds and other creatures. Death is a constant presence and possibility. All of us living in modern society are essentially zoo creatures” explaining how much the human race really is related to nature and animals in many different ways. Pi believes that man in actuality is the most dangerous animal. He then later refers to the fact that he notices the connection between the acts of wild creatures and the cruel brutality that humans have inflicted upon other humans for centuries, and most important because of religious conflicts.

He finds religion a very important part of his life. There is just one thing he not only has one religion he believes in three. Pi was born into Hinduism, then at the age of fourteen he also wanted to be Christian, and at the age of fifteen he also became Muslim. As he looks more into all of these religions he realizes that religion is more than just ritual and in all actuality religion is a method that people believe will make their lives more pleasurable, meaningful, and more understandable. Pi’s parents did not always agree with the fact that he wanted all these different religions. But the fact was Pi liked having different religions for the fact that he believes the essence of every religion is love, and that if he does not only practice one religion but three that he can surround himself in layers of “affection, acceptance, understanding, and affirmation.”

Later in the book you find out that Pi has been thrown off a ship by crew members after waking up to an explosion

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