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My Favorite Metaphor

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I think what the author is trying to say is that different people described by a metaphor is how we see them and value them in our mind. We see a person with a lot of money, so we think he has a higher status because of his money. Metaphors must not just be creative, but suitable to the idea and mood intended to be portrayed. The different words or actions can shape how a person thinks about objects and subjects.

We think with our body because we form movement with action and reasoning that our mind comprehends better. One example that the author brings gives is from a study. People holding a cup of hot coffee describe a person they meet as more warm, meaning more happy and open. People holding a cold cup of coffee describe the same person as more cold. The metaphors we use here are related to our bodily experience. One example would be related to handshakes and the impression you get from a person based on the pressure or grip. A firm handshake shows more power.

Smiles: “dropped from the branches like ripe fruit”, “spinning the bread like pinwheels”, “Harmless as a stuffed toy” metaphors: “a high peal of rodent chatter”, “eyes the size of biscuits”, “his eyes seemed lighted from within”.

While traveling to the mother land of my wife, Germany, my wife and I went to an old Roman city. The church there had many stairs. It felt like climbing a mountain. Once we reached the

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