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New School Course

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Every student should take a personal finance course as part of the requirements for a high school diploma. Many people are not financially knowledgeable after they graduate from high school, although most colleges offer a personal high school class. If this type of course was a requirement, then students who do not plan on attending college would have the information that this class offers. Most parents teach their children how to deal with their finance, but some parents or guardians might not have a sturdy knowledge of personal finance. Therefore, making personal finance a requirement for high school graduation would be a great idea being that students will use it in their everyday life.

A reason for having a personal finance class would be to help abstain from debt. If more people knew how to handle their income there would not be as many people in financial suffering. Studies show that almost one-third of college students admit that they were not well prepared for personal money management on campus. Debt has increased immensely over the years, and the next generation will put the world into further debt unless they are taught how to handle their money.

A high percentage of young adults, when they end up on their own, have no experience with handling their money. Personal finance as a assigned course would decrease the ignorance in paying bills and other expenses. So all and all, intelligence in how to handle one’s money wisely is an essential ability that can assist students throughout their lives and help future generations become adults suitable for society.

Finally, making personal finance

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