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Odyssey Literary Analysis

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The Author and his Times

The author of the Odyssey, to this day, remains unknown. Early Greeks have accredited works such as the “Homeric Hyms”, The Iliad, and The Odyssey to an individual by the name of Homer. However, there are some scientists that insist these said works were product of a group of people and not one man. This particular group of scientists claims that the subject matter of the writings is too diverse for them to have been the product of just one person. Despite these differing opinions the general consensus is still that Homer is the author.

By analyzing the dialects used in the above works, Ionic and Aeolic, experts have derived that Homer’s origin is some where in the western part of Asia Minor. He could possibly have been from the island of Chios, where a family by the name of Homer currently resides, some of whom may be his descendants.

Homer is said to have been a poet or bard. He would travel across Greece and orally recite his tales of heroes and gods. The story telling method of the time gave room for different influences to affect tales as they were passed on from person to person. The Odyssey was no exception, however; the majority of the story was created by one person, Homer. The Odyssey was transferred from oral delivery to paper in 700 BC after its predecessor The Iliad.

Though little is known of Homer, it is safe to say that he was heavily influenced by the Greek gods of the time. He incorporates

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