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Oliver Twist - Book Summary

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The book is about a boy named Oliver Twist. He grew up in an orphanage that poorly ran by abusive employees. Oliver ran away to find happiness away from the orphanage. In London, he was taught how to steal by a group of criminals. He did not understand that this was bad and thought of it as a fun game. He was accused of pickpocketing and was caught by the police. In court he meets Mister Brownlow who saves him from going to jail. Oliver happily lived with him for a while until Fagin kidnaps the boy with his gang and decides to bring him back to criminal. They did it because a criminal named William Sikes needed a tiny boy to crawl up a window and open the door of the house he wanted to rob. Oliver was forced to do it but the robbery failed and Oliver was injured. Oliver did not know that the robbed house belonged to Maylie and Rose. Rose was the sister of his mother. Mister Brownlow was a friend of Rose’s father. The two ladies took care of Oliver. While he was getting better, he met Monks, his step brother. Monks found out about this when he saw the medallion that was stolen from Oliver’s mother. Eventually, it was discovered that Monks payed Fagin to make Oliver a thieve so that he would end up in jail and never receive the fortune his father left him in his will. With the help of Rose and Mister Brownlow, Monks was revealed. Monks had to promise that he would not search for Oliver anymore and Brownlow promised not to turn him in. Miter Brownlow adopted Oliver who then lived a happy and honest life.

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