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Once More to the Lake By: E.B. White

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September 7, 2005

“Once More to the Lake” by: E.B. White

The literary selection that was chosen for this essay was E.B. Whites, “Once More to the Lake.” It is a very in depth passage and it touches upon many sentiments. It teaches many lessons and also keeps you involved. It is good reading material for everyone regardless of age.

Childhood memories hold a great deal of importance for adults in different walks of life. Every adult you see, no matter how old, was a child at some point in time. These adults relish their childhood memories because it is the period in time in which they got to enjoy life without the worries of the world bearing down on their shoulders. They often see their children and reminisce about things they did as a child such as E.B. white does as he watches his son. He says, “Watching him I would remember the things you could do with the old cylinder flywheel, how you could have it eating out of your hand if you got really close to it spiritually.” For that short moment, he remembered how it felt to be young.

Time, place, and aging have a serious impact on childhood memories. This is true for many reasons. Moving away from the place where you spent your childhood often results in faded memories. The term “out of sight, out

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