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Personal Beliefs

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My beliefs are basic. I believe that all people are good. I believe in giving everyone a chance to prove me right. They can either reinforce my belief or not. I believe everybody is unique in their own way. I believe everything in life happens for a reason, and that everybody has a destiny.

I believe in the value of family. Your family is there for you when you need them most. Their acceptance of you is unconditional, and for the most part, forever. Family will never turn their back on you for anything, because I know and they know family comes first. These are just some of the things I believe in.

Another thing I believe in is education. I believe education is a big part of my future in order to do great in life. Things I do in school now will reflect how I do in the real world later. It’s not just the learning from the books, it’s the interaction with people from backgrounds that are completely different than mine. It’s the team sports. It meeting the expectations of my teachers. As an older brother to two sisters, I believe it’s my place to antagonize them and make their lives miserable. I believe in preparing them to deal with the male individual. I act disinterested in what they do, but

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