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Single Sexed Schools

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like at an all girl/boy school? Some people think it increases grade averages. In addition, some say it is “less distracting”. That school would go by more smoothly. They are probably right but I do not necessarily agree with it.

In our world today, there are many schools with a student body

Consisting of both sexes, nevertheless there are a significant number of

Schools carrying on the tradition of a single sex system. The fact that

there are an undeniable number of single sex schools, is profound proof

that the advantages of the single sex system overweigh the disadvantages.

People said that friendship starting from childhood is more stable

In addition, more valuable than friendship starting when working in the society. During

free times boys will naturally gather and talk about topics of

interest to them. Some topics of conversation is probably not suitable in

the presence of girls. The same happens to girls in single sex schools.

In a school of single sex, the students will feel more comfortable and


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