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Stylistic Analysis of an Advertisement

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Stylistic Analysis of an Advertisement


Advertising has restored to all kinds of techniques-audio and visual, sound and light, photographs and drawings, etc. Generally speaking, advertising is a promotional tool (语场) of marketing. It persuades the potential consumers to buy the products or services. In most advertisements, the glamour and essence lies in its language. All advertising language must have its appeal to the target language. According to the target audience, the functional tenor of advertising language is mainly persuasive or mainly informative. While the personal tenor is reflected in its characteristic warm, plain speech used in daily life. The mode of discourse is the combination of spoken language and written language. Various language tricks are also used in advertising to impress and move the audience.

The sample ad is a print media ad that uses physically printed media, such as magazines and newspapers. The target customer is ordinary consumers of goods. It is a straight-line copy in which the advertisers use the findings of university dentists to convince the audience. It is downloaded via Internet

( on December 16, 2017. The ad is about Chlorodent, a toothpaste that freshen breath and clean mouth. It is a vintage ad that published in 1953 in USA. Lever Brothers Company is the advertiser and Lever International Advertising Services is the advertising agent.

This paper intends to make a stylistic analysis of the sample.

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