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The Book of Genesis

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“The Book of Genesis”

The book of Genesis is to a great extent account material. Some key topics incorporate God as the sustainer and the maker of his creation. Genesis is the book that narrates about the seven days of creation, the fall of man, the flood, also the Patriarchal History. Genesis twelve through chapter fifty narrates the patriarchal history that includes Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and Jacob. Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge which introduced the good and evil and how sin came about into the world. After this happened, humans became even more corrupt. In the long run, God turned out to be so angry at his people that he totally decimated the earth with an overall flood. However, God saved a few which was Noah and his family. However, Noah earned God’s favor because of his good behavior. God addresses Noah and guarantees to make an extraordinary agreement with Noah and his family. He teaches Noah to fabricate an ark, extensive enough to hold Noah's family. God orders Noah to have every sort of living creature to enter this ark. Noah does this and his family and the creatures enter the ark and close the door. This downpour submerges the whole earth in water for over a year. Finally, the waters dry up. God gets Noah's family out of the ark and reaffirms his contract with Noah. After leaving the ark, Noah's family finds that the earth is green and beautiful. God guarantees that from this new earth he will provide a lineage for Noah and his family. God vows that he will never wreck the earth again. God at that point assigns the rainbow to be an image of this pledge

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