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The Great Gatsby

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“The story of that summer really began the night I drove there to dinner at Tom and Mrs. Buchanan's. Daisy is my distant cousin and Tom is someone I've known since college.” This is how Nick, the narrator of The Great Gatsby, begins to introduce us to his relatives’ lives in the chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby. His cousin Daisy who married a man named Tom was borned in a rich family. Also, Daisy’s husband Tom was a lived in a rich family. Even they were relatives, they had many differences. In my perspective, they were totally different because of their own money  and qualities.

First of all,I think Nick is very different from Tom and Daisy because of their owned money. Tom and Daisy were extremely rich. Tom was a person who was borned in a rich family. However, Nick was only a normal person  who had a normal job and had a general life. In the book, the Nick described Tom as “ one of the greatest new haven football players of all time -- a national figure. ” However, Nick thought the only thing Tom could do was to spend money and play sports.On the contrary to Tom’s extremely wealthiness. Nick could only rent a house which is 80 dollars per month. “My own house was ugly, but fortunately small and unnoticed, so that I had the pleasure of enjoying a sea view.” Nick described his house was lucky that he could got all these thing only through 80 dollars. From all these, we can see the one of the differences between them is the amount of their owned money.

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