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The Major Problems with America

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The major problems with America can really be summed up to one thing. The fact that America as a nation is built on hypocrisy. From the beginning America was not what they pretended to be. They say that were trying to build a nation where man can be free, and they were in charge of the government, but that really only meant men who were well off. It did not mean small time farmers, women, or free black men. It was also supposed to be a place of religious tolerance,America has always claimed that they were the land of the free and yet for most of its history, a lot of its population was oppressed by either the government or the people. Even during the cold war, we wanted to pass judgment on Russia on how they treated their people and yet we had people being lynched at home and nothing being down to stop it. We also did not treat our immigrants great either even though we like to portray ourselves as this country where people can go. Anyone who is different from the norm was not welcomed. People like the Irish or the Chinese were not welcomed. The Irish because they were Catholic and we do not like Catholics that much because it is different from the Protestantism that is abundant in America. We did not like the Chinese because  they were from a different culture than we were and that means that they will not fit into society like someone form a protestant European country would. America's history is built on its hypocrisy of being a land of freedom and democracy, but for the majority of its history, it was not free for most of its citizens. We just wanted to pretend we were this perfect country even though we are not. We still have territories that have to pay taxes to us but have zero representation in our government. Which is one of the reasons we revolted from England. America is definitely leagues ahead of where we used to be, but we there is still work to be done if we want to be the country we advertise ourselves as.

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