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1990’s Game Analysis

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Game Analysis and Playability

1990s Game Analysis:

For my 1990s game analysis, I chose the game Resident Evil. This game was released in March 30, 1996 for the Playstation. The Developer for this game was Capcom Production Studio 4, the Publisher was Capcom Virgin Interactive, and the designer was Shinji Mikami. Here is a review for the (survival horror) game Resident Evil:

For the story of Resident Evil, it starts out in the fictional Raccoon City in July 24, 1998. There have been grisly murders that have taken place on the outskirts of the town. There were victims that were attacked in their homes with evidence of cannibalism. The local law enforcement sends in the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. After contact is lost, the Alpha Team is sent out to find Bravo Team and to continue the investigation. The Alpha Team locates the downed Bravo Team helicopter, but there is no sign of survivors; only a severed hand is found. Then the Alpha Team is suddenly attacked by ferocious dogs (called Cerberus), which kill member Joseph Frost in the process, and they flee to nearby Spencer mansion, which was believed to be abandoned. Being trapped inside the mansion, the four remaining Alpha Team members (Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker) split up and searched the mansion for a way out and clues to explain the murders. At this point the player could take control of either Chris or Jill and explore the mansion.

For the characters of the game there is a choice of two playable characters, a male Chris Redfield, and a female Jill Valentine.

Chris Redfield is the hero of the game and is much stronger than Jill, making him more resistant to enemy attacks, but he can only carry six items and starts with only a knife.

Rebecca Chambers, is a sub-character who appears only in Chris's scenario, she is useful and can heal all Chris's wounds at certain areas of the game.

Jill Valentine, is the heroine of the game and her scenario is the simplest of the two, she also has a higher carrying capacity (eight items simultaneously).

Barry Burton, he is Jill's supporting character. He has a powerful .44 silver serpent magnum and is more helpful than Chris's Rebecca. Barry often shows up whenever Jill is in need of help to get her out of trouble.

Albert Wesker, he is a supporting character in both of the characters scenarios. Albert Wesker only makes appearances through the game, usually to advance the plot.

For the enemies of Resident Evil, there are many kinds, like for example you have the Zombies, who are the standard enemies.

Crows, they became infected with the T-virus and have become extremely aggressive.

MA-39 Cerberus-Dobermans, they were injected with the T-virus, and had increased strength, speed and aggression. They pose a serious threat when attacking in pack numbers.

MA-121 Hunter, these enemies bear an appearance described by some as a "skinned gorilla" they are extremely fast, strong and aggressive, making them one of the most dangerous enemies in the entire game.

Adder, these are poisonous snakes that infest the area surrounding Spencer mansion.

Wasp, they were created when a nest became infected with the T-virus. They are about the size of a fist and produce toxins within their abdomens.

Shark, the sharks underwent infection with the T-virus.

For the bosses you have Yawn, a giant

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