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4th of July

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As I wake up to the smell of lake water, sun, and sand, the smell of every vacation rental in Lake Havasu, I wipe away the grit of last nights sleep. The starch white sunlight blinded me as I stretched my hands and feet to the four post of the bed. My body is sore and burnt from the day before out on the lake. The first thing I reach for is my bikini, I put it on excited for the day. For the day is 4th of July. I grab my sun tanning lotion, my bag, and I'm out the door.

As we are driving down the road the excitement grows fonder. We see tons of big trucks with big boats. We pull into Windsor beach launch ramp and there is a huge line of cars. Finally it is our turn. We move up to the window and pay the lady in brown nine dollars for the day. She says, "Be safe!" We pull down to the water and I jump out of the truck to get into the boat, the air is thick and hot and its only eight in the morning. My toes touch the cool water and its refreshing. I grab the metal handle to get into the boat and I burn my hand, I am sweating from the heat of the scorching sun.

My husband starts the boat and it makes this thunderous noise, like it was coming from a lion. The acrid smell of gas is in the air. We take off and finally we get a breeze, a break from the heat and fumes. The wind blows my hair back and tangles it. I look out and see the beautiful glistening water, so green and blue, bright and blinding. We are surrounded by fast boats whizzing by, beautiful mountains and desert to our right, and the whole city of lake Havasu to our left. Its an amazing view.

We slow down as we enter the no wake zone. The heat comes back full force, with out the wind its boiling out here. We enter the beginning of the channel and its packed with boats, people, dogs and all kinds of water toys. The music from the boats vibrate the water and fly thru the air. We wave hi to nice boaters along the way. I was feeling thirsty so I grabbed a drink from our cooler. We went under London Bridge and my husband put the boat in neutral and pulled the throttle. It made a loud deafening roar. People often do that on big holidays to be silly.

I look to the left and I see our friends waving us down. So we pull into a hard to find spot in the channel. If it wasn't for our friends saving us that spot we would be driving up and down the channel looking for a space to park. I think in my head, time to start the day! I turn the CD player on in our boat and the load speakers bump and the bass rattles the boat and water. We are listening to all kinds of fun vibrant music. Everyone else is already in the water, cooling off from the heat. I grab my self and everyone in the water a drink, I throw one to each person.

So I set my drink on the step and jump as far as I can off the back of the boat into the cool refreshing water. Its whirls all around my body tingling and bubbling, It feels like heaven. I emerge out of the water and grab my drink, I take a huge gulp and am satisfied. I walk up to all my friends and say hi and give hugs and ask how they are doing. We talk and horse around for awhile. One of my friends has a huge water gun and is squirting it at bypassing boats. People are throwing footballs back and forth and wrestling on all kinds of rafts.

I have been in the water for awhile now, so I decide to go sit up on the concrete wall that lines both sides of the channel. I splash it with water cause it's a little to hot. I jump on the wall and sip on my drink, gazing at people, boaters, and weird things. Across the channel I can see a group of young people partying their butts off. They have beer bongs and all sorts of decorated drink coolers. To my left I can just see for miles colorful hats and bikinis, and people from all walks

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