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A Quinceanera

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Mariah Garza

Professor Hernandez

English 1302 - 240

19 November 2016

A Special Celebration

The big beautiful extravagant pink dress with hundreds of sparkling rhinestones covering her corset perfecting around her waist. Tiara shimmering bright like a diamond, placed on top of the tight curls covered in hair spray. Fabulous big false eyelashes with glamorous make up making her look like a real-life doll. In my eyes, she was a princess and I wanted to one day be just like her. Having a background of both Mexican and African American becoming a young woman is a very important step or celebration in my culture background. Although a quinceanera and sweet sixteen are both a transition from being a girl to becoming a young woman, Mexico’s quinceanera is more meaningful than a sweet sixteen, this is shown in the religious aspects, traditions, and celebration.

A Quinceanera is more meaningful than a Sweet Sixteen and this is shown in the religious aspects. A Quinceanera also known as a quince, a custom celebrated in Latin countries by many young girls. This celebration has a major religious piece during the celebration, the traditional mass. “the quinceanera makes a commitment to God and the Blessed Virgin to live out the rest of her life according to the teachings of Christ and the Church by renewing her Baptismal promises.” (John. Para 2) The Church celebration has a lot of meaning in the quinceanera, it is a moment in which they are giving thanks for the long run of adult hood. The church isn’t the only thing that is an important part of an quinceanera the traditional aspect of it is also a major part.

In a Quinceanera it has more meaning than a Sweet Sixteen and it is shown in the many traditions that it has. There are gifts that are received and each gift represents something different and the start of the becoming a young adults. Someone important usually gives these gifts or a role model that she cares about. Traditions mentioned by Siebel, “the last doll which symbolizes the last toy of her childhood, the shoe ceremony where they replace the flat with a heel.”. (Para. 4)A quinceanera isn’t all about just an age before adult hood, it also about   The gifts are meant for the quinceanera given by her family and friends before they celebrate all together for one final hurrah.

In a Quinceanera the are more meaningful than a Sweet Sixteen that is shown in the celebration. The guest, usually friends and family help her celebrate her birthday with a traditional dinner, dancing to celebrate along with the great begging of a new start. They take presents and pictures to remember the special day with the quinceanera. Francis states, “The mix of family and friends, young and old, near and far - all combine to make the celebration unique and special. Guests experiencing this beautiful tradition for the first time.”. (Para. 9)A quinceanera is something meaningful in being able to celebrate it with not only friends but your family. The people who watched you grow up, and continue to watch you turn into a beautiful young lady. The celebration has a lot of meaning for the great things coming her way, and something that she will remember forever.

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