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Acuscan Case Study

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Case Study

AcuScan Operation Optimize

GEN480 – Capstone Course

1. Describe all assumptions seen in any of documents provided in the case study.

a. Kelly

1. Pat doesn’t know anything about quality control.

2. Doesn’t think the features can be developed in time.

3. Pat doesn’t have technology experience because he came from the cereal industry.

4. Under staffed due to layoffs last year. .

5. Doesn’t think the budget is realistic.

b. Pat

1. Prototype available by August

2. Kelly has no respect for Pat

3. Kelly is trying to undermine his efforts to get the product out in the market.

4. Outside contractors are needed to meet the deadline.

5. Postponing the product launch will produce an increase in cost.

6. The increased cost will pay for itself in ten years.

7. Need to expand into new markets by improving current technology on the retinal scanner.

c. Cliff

1. The iScanner is the security scanner of choice for airports throughout the nation.

2. Pat’s history as a talented and creative marketing force within the cereal industry will prove to be a boon to AcuScan’s place in the market.

3. Development of the iScanner into a retail environment will put Acuscan farther out in front of their competition.

d. Chris

1. Need to cut costs by 15% without layoffs.

2. Product development is being pressured to produce more while cutting cost.

2. Explain the arguments made by each of these people.

a. Cliff – Wants to reduce the original estimated costs by 2/3 and keep the original dead line. AcuScan is currently losing ground in the market and he needs to turn the company around. The company needs to grow and stay profitable.

b. Pat – Feels that the current technology can be used in new markets. The team needs to meet goals and objectives using their limited resources. The use of outside contractors is a possibility.

c. Kelly – Using a workload analysis report from two years ago, believes Acuscan will not be able to develop the product because the staff has been cut 25%. Claims every hour of support engineers is promised to existing customers and they have no time for development of net products.

d. Chris – The employees of Acuscan have a challenge to keep the company profitable. They must all work as a team, helping each other out, to improve the future of Acuscan.

3. Evaluate each argument listed above as sound or unsound and why. Indicate whether they are emotional or logical in nature.

a. Cliff – Needs to show an increase in profits to improve AcuScan’s financial status. He is trying to expand the client base for the company with the proposed changes. This is a sound and logical argument because he shows he has the best in mind for the company.

b. Pat – Is trying to channel AcuScan’s existing technology to different markets. The product engineers are balking at the changes. The use of outside contractors is unsound because if they are struggling financially, why bring on more expense when engineers are already on staff. It is emotional because Pat is new and trying to impress the new employer.

c. Kelly – AcuScan cannot develop the new product by the deadline because they have 25% fewer programmers. The current programmers are used as support for existing customers. This argument is unsound because the report was done two years ago. The argument is emotional because Kelly has been involved with the iScanner since its inception. It is also logical because his experience gives him knowledge of what is involved in the re-programming.

d. Chris – Sees that all employees are being challenged to help keep the company going. All employees should work together. This is a sound and logical argument because it will help turn the company around.

4. Describe specific fallacious arguments, and identify the people who hold them.

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