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Banner in the Sky Character Study

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For this character study I chose Rudi Matt. He is the main character in the

book. I chose him because it seems I can relate to him. I like how no matter what, he

keeps going back to climb the mountain. Rudi also seems like an interesting


In the book, Rudi Matt is a sixteen-year-old dish washer at the Beau Site hotel.

He is the son of Josef Matt, a great man that died on the Citadel while attempting to

reach the summit. Rudi really looks up to his father. He has his father's red shirt that

he was wearing when he died.

Teo Zurbriggen is the cook at the Beau Site hotel. Teo really cares about Rudi.

Throughout the book, he lies for him, teaches him how to climb, and acts like a true friend. I

think Rudi doesn't realize how much Teo cares about him and how much he gives up for him.

Rudi always dreams about climbing the Citadel. Everyday he stares up at the

Mountain through the window as he washes dishes. Rudi wants to climb the mountain so

bad that he eventually lies, steals, and goes against his uncle's words to attempt to reach the

summit. I still think that Rudi is a good person. He's just a little immature.

Rudi doesn't look like a "typical mountain boy". His skin is quite pale. Rudi tried to

darken his skin to look more tanned, but none of his attempts worked. The sun has no affect


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