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Bead Bar System Development Plan

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System Development Plan

Bead Bar is a fantastic company that is on the thriving edge of business. It is establishments were we allow the consumer to come in and create fantastic jewelry with wiring string and beads. As of right now Bead Bar has labored to a point where it cannot grow due to inefficient tools. So the leaders of Bead Bar have made the decision to bring in outside help to assist with making essential changes to the business. As of now Bead Bars organization has been a dilemma, as well as communication. The system that is in place as of now does no help with either function.

Since Bead Bar has multiple locations we are going to need a commanding networking to preserve communication on the inside at each location for external communication with stores and area monopoly locations. Proposals will be made for the complex structural design of the Bead Bar, and the pros and cons will be evaluated.

Computers are significant in the operation of Bead Bar. The Bead Bar is endlessly processing request for consumer goods and totaling supplies. In order to get to the bottom of some of the concern, recommendations were made to purchase computer hardware, software, and database management systems. Currently, basic personal computers are running basic software with a printer for each one. Each of the computers uses the Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system. The Microsoft Office Productivity Suite was acquired for employees to do word processing, organize presentations, and spreadsheets. Also employees claim upon having access to Adobe PageMaker. As this is seen an overhaul will be made to allow certain allocations of resources; and as time moves forward, to arrange their records accurately through a network so their database can operate to its full potential.

In order to operate a well-organized business, it is essential for the Bead Bar to have a ring/mesh topology. The mesh topology will work well for

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