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Best Birthday Gift Ever Trip to Cancun, Mexico

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Santiago Aguera


Best Birthday Gift Ever

The best gift I have ever got is a trip to Cancun, Mexico with all my 30 cousins and my family, my mom and my dad gave me this gift when I was 12 turning 13 because, I got really good grades, we had a great time and stayed in a massive hotel the size of key Biscayne with 6 pools and 3 waterparks all around it and a beach and boat rentals and buffet at any time. The first thing me and my cousins did was rent a fishing boat and we went fishing for big sharks, the first one to catch a shark was my oldest cousin Miguel he is 22 years old, but he loves fishing and that day he caught a big shark, then me and my other cousins caught more sharks. After the boat all my family played a soccer game on the beach and it was fun, I scored like 6 goals and my team won 20-17. After the soccer game we all went into one of the pools meanwhile our parents were in a spa really close to the pool, in the pool we played game and wen down the slides in the waterpark section of the pool. At the end of the day all 30 cousins re-united to eat in family, we ate in a big table that we all fit perfectly, we had fun and ate great food.

I this one-month trip we not only celebrated my birthday, but we also celebrated 2 more birthdays (two of my cousins were also were born on July), so this means that there were more presents, so it was more fun, we all had the best month of our lives. My favorite moment was when we went skydiving, I am afraid of heights and that really helped me fight my fears and I am no longer afraid of heights. Another favorite moment or me of the trip was when all the boys in my family went at a late-night motorcycle ride in the beach, we had a lot of fun and nobody got injured so it all went well. Another favorite moment for me is when we went to swim with dolphins because it was fun, and I had never been so close to dolphins before.  After that, dolphins became my second favorite animal because they are not aggressive, and they are fast swimmers.

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