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Bus201 Organizational Behavior - 12 Angry Men Analysis

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BUS201 Organizational Behavior - 12 Angry Men Analysis

The 1957 film 12 Angry Men is about a group of twelve jurors who are brought together to decide the fate of a minority teenage boy accused of stabbing his father to death. It is a hot day in New York City which adds to the tension that builds up between the jurors in the small deliberation room. The jurors are all male, mostly middle-aged, white, and middle class. The film examines the jurors own experiences and views as they expose themselves, which ultimately plays a role in how they vote in the case. We see why people make the decisions that they do and what in their life drives them to make certain judgments. Each juror had his own personal prejudices and biases, weaknesses, cultural differences, ignorance and fears that impaired their decision making skills and cause them to ignore the real issues of the case.

Each juror played a role in the final verdict. Juror No. 1 is the appointed foreman of the group who attempts to keep the deliberation orderly and procedural. Unfortunately, he is not a good leader and is outdone by Henry Fonda's character, Juror No. 8. Juror No. 2 is the timid bank teller who is easily persuaded and influenced during tense moments. He tries hard to keep the peace within the group. Eventually, he speaks up about some evidence that bothered him. Juror No. 3 is the loud-mouth bully of the group who later reveals to have an unhappy relationship with his own teenage son. The strained relationship causes him to feel angry toward all young people, thereby influencing his vote. Juror No. 4 is the well-dressed

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