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Comparison Between 2 Public Space Warehousing

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Comparison between 2 public space warehousing – Chapter 1 Case

Monica Duran

Warehouse Operations

Michael P Mc Carthy

Broward College

August 26, 2015

Case Background:

        “Fishy Foods” are preparing to receive monthly 2 x 20’ containers with Chilean canned salmon, and they front with the problem that this company does not have enough space in their locations to storage this merchandise.

Each 20’ container carries 20 pallets, so in total, they will receive monthly 40’ pallets, each pallet with a weight of 1 ton and wrapped with 48 boxes. Each container has a value Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) of $35,000, individually the CIF cost per pallet is $1,750, and per carton $36.46.

We found two locations, one in Dade and the other in Broward, both close to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale Port, and airport, even to West Palm Beach airport. Now the difference between one location and the others will be in the technology that they use, the charges for a complete service, the time of service if they have insurance, and what that this insurance covers.

1.-The space offers the service off unloading the containers?

Both, Global Warehouse and Challenge Warehousing, has modern installations the first one with 10 ramps, 5 of them for load containers and the other 5 to unload, the 2nd one with 8 ramps. Global Warehouse has 8 forklift equipment, modern scale, and 1 electric big wrapping machine, Challenge Warehousing has the same number forklift, 2 scales, and 2 wrapping machines, both companies use the last version of Magalla.

2.-Racking 40 pallets of Chilean salmon

Global Warehouse offers to “Fishy Foods” a rack with 4 columns in front of the first unloading ramp, this aspect facilitates load loses boxes in a van when the company needs immediately dispatches, Challenge Warehousing offers 3 columns rack in the back of the 2nd unloading ramp. When we are talking about time management this simple aspect can be very important.

3.-Rates and Insurances

[pic 1]

[pic 2]

Both company include a complete insurance, for pallet damage, stolen, stolen at transportation from the location to the customers and others at 0.1% of the CIF value.

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