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Conflict in Finding Forrester

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In the film Finding Forrester, their was a big conflict between Jamal and Mr. Crawford. Mr. Crawford and Jamal had their difference though out the film. Their were lots of problems that Mr. Crawford had against Jamal. The conflicts were based Jamal race, and his intelligence.

First, their was a big conflict inside the class room. Mr. Crawford was asking one of the students a question, and Jamal jumped in the conversation. Jamal was trying to help him out, so he told the boy to say his name, which was the answer to his question. Mr. Crawford was very angry. Mr. Crawford then tried to preach to Jamal by quoted some sayings. Mr. Crawford never got a chance to finish his sentence, because Jamal would finish them. Mr. Crawford then got mad. He then ordered Jamal to leave the class because he was embarrassed.

The second conflict between Jamal and Mr. Crawford was when Mr. Crawford didn't believe that Jamal wrote a paper that he was assigned to write . Mr. Crawford told Jamal that he would have to write the whole paper over in his office. Even though Jamal was trying to convince Mr. Crawford that it was his paper, Mr. Crawford still didn't believe him. Jamal did the essay anyway.

The last conflict between Jamal and Mr. Crawford was when Mr. Crawford found out that Jamal had used William Forrester topic to his essay. Mr. Crawford then told Jamal that he had to write an apology letter and read it in front of the class. He also told him that he could just tell him if William Forrester gave him permission to use his title. Jamal refuse to tell them that he knew William, he also refuse to write the letter and read it out loud.

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