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Debate Pro School Uniforms

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Opening: Pro School Uniforms

The topic of school uniforms has sparked many arguments all across the country. There are many people who believe that uniforms have a negative influence on students’ developments and achievements in school while many others have the opposite opinion: that uniforms have a positive effect on students. Today, the five of us will be arguing in favor of school uniforms. Schools with the policy of uniforms experience more equality along with a decrease in school violence and bullying. Also, school uniforms have been proven to improve the overall quality of education by eliminating distractions and forcing students to focus on the topic at hand. Finally, the policy of uniforms helps many families with the high expenses of a wardrobe for school. These three reasons are only a small portion of the positive effects that school uniforms have on students everywhere.


improvement in education

School uniforms would help improve the educational environment in school. Uniforms would eliminate distractions in class that are harmful to a student’s education which is key to their future. Students would not have to worry about their appearance or what they’re wearing because everyone else in the classroom would be wearing the same thing as them. Students would also be able to concentrate more and would not be distracted by others due to their apparel. Many of the clothing choices of our students today are considered to be distracting and inappropriate for class. Uniforms would eliminate the issue since the clothing worn by the students would not distract others, allowing everyone to perform their best in the classroom. In a study conducted by the National Association of Elementary School Principals, 67 percent of principals of schools with a uniform policy saw that student concentration improved. Wearing uniforms would make students feel more professional which can contribute to improving their grades. Students would feel more proper in their uniforms which can help boost their confidence and their improve their behavior as well. Overall, uniforms would help improve the educational environment in school because it would eliminate distractions as well as allow students to feel more professional when working


Many people are under the misconception that school uniforms are very expensive. This is not true, uniforms would be financially beneficial to families. 70% of teachers surveyed in out school agree that uniforms would be financially beneficial. The U.S. Department of Education has found that the average cost of uniforms per year for families is about $249. Compared to many other brands today, uniforms are much cheaper and therefore would benefit families financially. In a survey conducted by the Department of Education, 49% of parents either agree or strongly agree that school uniforms has been financially beneficial to their family and 86% of teachers have agreed as well. Buying clothes today can be very expensive if you want to “keep up with fashion” and buy all the brand-name clothes like everyone else. For example, a pair of Sperrys can cost from $80 to $300, a pair of Uggs can cost up to 250 dollars, and that’s just shoes. Spending $249 per year is very little compared to other brand-name clothing. Uniforms would help the families of schools with uniform policies financially, allowing them to save more money.


Having uniforms would also promote equality between students. Uniforms would eliminate competition between students to a certain extent, providing a friendlier school environment where everyone can strive to be the best they can be without the tension of competing with one another. Uniforms would also increase school spirit and unity, which would build a stronger and more connected student body. Wearing uniforms would create a stronger sense of community within the school just like how uniforms connect team members in sports. Sport teams are a good example of why we should have uniforms. These teams all have their unique uniforms which creates a better relationship between the players since they are all unified as one team. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 80% of teachers who work at schools with a uniform policy agree that uniforms has increased school pride and has created a better sense of community in the school. Many students are afraid of their peers judging them on aspects like their performance in class or their clothing. 86% of the teachers have also seen that uniforms have promoted a sense of security within the students. 90% of teachers also agree that requiring the students to wear uniforms has addressed the peer pressure issue of fitting in by wearing specific brands. With

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