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Demonstrating Value as a Dnp Through Service and Professional Development

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Demonstrating Value as a DNP through Service and Professional Development

Patients do develop a trusting relationship with their nurses faster than they do with other healthcare providers.  This was apparent in some qualitative studies that showed that patients are at more ease while interacting with an APN than with a psychiatrist, as evidenced in the patient’s willingness to spend more time talking to an APN about their symptoms and concerns (Theccanat, 2015).  DNP education gives the NP the added advantage of helping his or her patients with unraveling the ever changing and complicated healthcare environment (Zaccagnini and White, 2014).  The foundation of the DNP education is the DNP Essentials; Scientific Underpinnings, Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Improvement and Systems Thinking, Clinical Scholarship and Analytical Methods for Evidence-Based Practice, Information Systems/Technology and Patient Care Technology for the Improvement and Transformation of Health Care, Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care, Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health Outcomes, Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving the Nation’s Health, and Advanced Nursing Practice (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2006).   A DNP can demonstrate value by putting these Essentials into practice.  As the DNP models these Essentials, he or she will continue to provide health care through assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the intricate reactions of individuals, families, or communities to real or conceivable health problems, prevention of illness and injury, preservation of wellness, and provision of comfort (ANA, 2010 as cited in Zaccagnini and White, 2014).  My overall value will be visible in the area of quality and best care, patient satisfaction, improved knowledge for nursing staff, and quality improvement.  

Education should be ongoing and could be continued and achieved after the formal DNP education.  Professional Development (PD) provide avenues for Doctors of Nursing Practice to continue to enrich themselves.  PD should be ongoing too; and should be reinforced by lifelong learning that brings new awareness from science and freshly discovered evidence to the practice environment (Zaccagnini and White, 2014, p. 11).  To provide the best care in this era of evolving knowledge, APNs will need current evidence, knowledge, up to date clinical and technical skills, and latest research (Zaccagnini and White, 2014).  The most convenient way to receive these updates is through PD, away from formal instructions in a classroom.  To continue to grow professionally and maintain scholarship, Chism (2013) suggested that the NP’s area of scholarship interest be one that will advance one’s career (p.120).  Continuing Medical Education (CME), a form of PD is required for renewing NP’s license.  Pri-med offers both online and conference medical education as CME (Pri-med, n.d).  I will join Pri-med online program as well as attend its annual medical conferences.   American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) also offers PD opportunities. I have enrolled as a student and plan to attend their annual conferences.  There are unlimited resources for PD, of which I plan to tap as I maintain a philosophy of lifelong learning. To ensure unrestricted access to these opportunities, I will seek employment at a facility tat supports professional growth. Taking advantage of PD benefits and opportunities offered by your employer is of great value.  The NP, employer, patients and other stakeholders will benefit from scholarship gained by the NP, because the NP will bring back scholarly ideas to her practice setting and invest those ideas in staff education / development, policy review and revision, EBPs, and improving patient outcomes.  

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