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Genentech Force Field Analysis

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Week 6 Report: Communicating the merger of Roche & Genentech

Mirta N. Cotto        

DeVry University—Keller Graduate School of Management

Author Note

Week 6 Report: Communicating the merger of Roche & Genentech

This report will discuss the communication of the merger between Roche Pharmaceuticals and Genentech. Different areas will be discussed based on the Excel spreadsheet that details the communication plan for the merged companies. The report includes the topic, frequency of communication, and the intended audience. Additionally, the report will briefly discuss the message and its purpose, its communicator(s), delivery methods, and the measure to be used to gauge the audience’s reaction to the message.


The topic of the communication is the final acquisition of Genentech’s shares by Roche.  Both companies needed one another. Roche needed Genentech for its biopharmaceutical products, which promised great profits, and Genentech needed Roche for further financial investment in its research and development of the drugs.s

Frequency or timeline

Communication will be made available to all shareholders as soon as all of the transactions inherent in the merger have taken place.


Shareholders for Roche and Genentech incorporate workers, top managerial staff, clients, patients, stockholders, the media, colleges, and national and global government organizations. Among representatives are those in initiative and administration who should deliberately arrange and execute the merger. Clients may incorporate doctor's facilities and therapeutic focuses, specialists' workplaces, insurance agencies, and patients. Financial specialists likewise have a stake in the merger as it will influence the estimation of the combined organization's stock. The organization additionally associates with exploration offices at schools and colleges with solid science research programs. To wrap things up, government organizations (national and universal) are influenced in light of the fact that they have to audit the merger to guarantee consistence. With the end goal of this report, I will focus on shareholders who are not Roche Genentech workers


All parties concerned will be made aware of Roche's impending acquisition of Genentech’s remaining shares the completion of the acquisition of shares had to take place soon. However, confidential details of the acquisition will be sent to the right persons only.


The respective companies’ CEOs, CFOs, and other members of the executive leadership are responsible for communicating news of the merger.


After several months of negotiations and years of collaborative relationship, Roche was finally able to take full possession of all of Genentech’s shares. The merge was necessary because there were areas in which they were duplicating work, which was becoming a waste of time and money. Also both companies felt that the final acquisition of Genentech shares had to be done quickly in order to avoid uncertainty and desertion among employees. (Eckhardt, 2012). After negotiations and a minor setback in the course of the merger, both companies were able to reach an agreement and Roche acquired the remaining Genentech shares. (Pollack, 2009) (Karnitschnig & Cimilluca, 2009)

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