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Hobo Joe and the Three Bears

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Hobo Joe and the Three Bears

Once Upon a Time there was a short hobo name Hobo Joe.

Hobo Joe spent his day stumbling around the village looking for a place to stay for the night. Once he had found a place to stay he spent the rest of his day digging through the garbage of the village people. On a good day he could find enough food to keep to fill his stomach for the day. On a bad day he would retreat from his scavenging when the villages’ feral dogs got too violent and started to bite at him.

One day Hobo Joe was chased out of the village by these feral dogs. Too afraid to back into the village Hobo Joe walked into the woods looking for a nice grove or cave to stay in for the night. After wandering through the woods for many hours Hobo Joe came into a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a cottage . Hobo Joe cautiously approached the cottage looking around for more feral dogs. After the coast was clear he walked around the outside of the house looking for their garbage heap but found nothing. Eventually Hobo Joe snuck closer to one of the windows of the cottage and peaked in. After seeing it was empty Hobo Joe got his trusty bean can lid and used it to lift the window up just a little bit so he could get better leverage on it. After getting his fingers in he slid the rest of the window up and pulled himself in. Now Hobo Joe may be homeless but he did not miss many meals. His attempt at a graceful entrance turned more into a flop. As Hobo Joe picked himself off the ground he looked at his new surroundings. Hobo Joe was in the nicest cottage he had ever seen,which wasn’t saying much. The cottage was orderly and well furnished. It had a living area,kitchen,dining room, and 3 bedrooms.

Hobo Joe first went into the bathroom and cleaned himself off some then went into the first of the bedrooms and opened the closet. Inside he found a robe but when he tried to put it on he found it was way too big. Disgruntled Hobo Joe went to the next bedroom and looked in it’s closet. In that closet all Hobo Joe saw was racks and racks of dresses. Disgruntled again he went to the last bedroom and looked in that closest. In there he found another robe and put it on. It fit perfectly. After finding the robe Hobo Joe went into the kitchen to loot the pantry. After he had made himself a feast fit for a king he sat down in the chair at the end of the table. He could barely see the top of the table while sitting in it so he hopped down. He looked around for a phonebook or something but couldn’t find anything so he moved onto the next chair. He tried setting in it but he was still just a little bit too short to reach

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