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Informed Consent

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Informed Consent

In order to get a better understanding of cardiovascular function, body composition, and other physical fitness components, the undersigned hereby consents to one or all of the following tests. Please check appropriate boxes.

Cardiorespiratory Test

Skin Fold (Body Fat)

Muscle fitness


Explanation of the tests

A bicycle ergometer or motor driven treadmill will be used for the graded exercise. The workload will be increased every few minutes until exhaustion or other physical symptoms cause the termination of the exercise.

The three minute step test will be given to help assess your cardiorespiratory fitness. It is a low impact test.

The skin fold measurements will be used to determine % of body fat. We will use anywhere from three to seven sights.

Muscle fitness testing will be done using machine or free weights performing repetitions. This test will assess your strength and endurance of major muscle groups.

The flexibility test will consist of several tests requiring the body to move in its fullest range of motion. These tests will assess your flexibility.

Any of the above said tests may and will

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