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Ls 100 - Difference Between Ordinance and Vs. Law

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Cyndelle E. Diaz

LS 100

M3A1 is the Gun Real assignment

Elson may encounter several issues when trying to create such law when the State has one in place, because laws and regulations have been passed by the legislature and are meant to protect and control people in different circumstances. “The Laws of the land are meant to guide people so as to help them conform to the norms of the society.” Elston would have to go through great lengths, petitions, and court appearances to request that there be changes to that law that is currently in place.

With the Hit Movies, and the remembrance of Service Men and Women children do not see the harm in toy guns, and or the potential harm that it can impose of the community if mistaken or use in a crime.  With regards to Elson drafting a city ordinance in regards to the purchase of toy guns that has or may have similar features to a real firearm, The city ordinance is where the local level laws can be passed by municipalities and are applicable within the city limits only. Granted “An ordinance generally has limited powers. However, a law has more unlimited powers than an ordinance.” There may be some conflict to the implementation of this city ordinance as to where be it purchases, who purchased it, and or if an out sider was aware of the cities implementation of this city ordinance. This can cause potential laws city against Law enforcement and Government agencies if an individual was cited or arrested for something he or she may not have known of. Not disregarding injury that may have resulted in a routine traffic stop where the toy gun was found. There are many dangers that can arise with the city ordinance prohibiting the purchase of a toy gun in within city limits. Therefore to cause more controversy in the community with the attempt to prohibit the purchase of toy guns. Elston has a better chance appealing to the courts the concern to amend the current laws in place.

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