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Oaklawn - a Non-Profit Mental Healthcare Organization

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The trip we took to Oaklawn was amazing. I have never been inside a place like that before. I like how they had a gym for the kids there. There are not a lot of places that has a gym for the kids. I thought it was interesting how they only took a certain age group of kids. I like that because then the older kids can’t pick on the younger kids and influence them to do other things. The staff there was so nice and all of them had smiles on their face. That really caught my eye because when the staff has a smile on their face it means they love their job and can help the children more.

I really liked the layout of Oaklawn it looked so homey. The color scheme of the building was amazing. The colors made me feel calm and at peace. I know if that’s the way the colors made me feel then it has to work on the patients’ there. I like how they had a chapel that the people who wants to attend can. When I went to this place I didn’t know that they helped the Amish community. I think it’s really great that they do help them because they need help just like us. I like how they have a whole wing for the Amish that accommodate their living style. It’s good to know that they can get help just like we can and that they don’t have to go against their beliefs in order to get the help.

It was interesting to me that Oaklawn is a non-profit mental healthcare organization that was funded by the State of Indiana. I like how they do support groups with the patients’ there. How they have teachers there

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