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Pod in Hospitality: Exploring Hospitality Leadership

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Over the past weekend I was on an Intensive POD in Hospitality: Exploring Hospitality Leadership- Disney retreat. I went to Darden headquarters, had a Disney college leadership workshop, and was able to go on a behind the scenes tour of the Gaylord resort and convention center. I learned a lot this past weekend that I plan to use it now and in the future.

I love food, so I thought it was great that we got the opportunity to be able to meet people that work for Darden. When we meet Dave George, and he told us a story of how he found a letter in his file on how that he seems rude and unapproachable to the employees and how he is not going to last long in the industry with being unapproachable. Also, when Dave George found the letter he was not upset, but glad that his boss took Dave under his wing and taught him the better way to make Dave more approachable to the employees.

Social media is everywhere so when we met Lindsey Pesch at The HIVE at Darden headquarters I found it very interesting that besides talking to their customers face- face getting the feedback they can track all of the social media comments regarding the brand in Darden that they in The HIVE represent.

There are many different learning styles, but the type of learning style I learn best from is more hands-on learning. The Disney college leadership workshop was probably my favorite part of the weekend. Because I was able to learn Disney World's different strategy on leadership & teamwork and different ways to utilize them and the training that I went through felt more hands-on then going to Darden or the Gaylord. I was given four different strategies:

1. Share the vision and build consensus around it. Which mean if you have an idea or vision share it with the people around you, but be consistent with making your vision come to life.

2. Define the process and delegate responsibilities. Which means to explain how to do something clearly and when working with other people make sure you give them responsibilities that they are great at doing.

3. Provide excellent training to ensure the team has the knowledge and skills to deliver the vision. Which means you have to make sure that everyone on your team had been appropriately trained and has the knowledge and skills to perform and achieve your ideas.

4. Create a culture of innovation. Which means to create an environment where your team is comfortable with each other and safe to work together

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