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Ever since I was a child I knew that I always wanted to have a career in the medical field. I started my journey into the nursing field in 2006. It was there during the clinical portion of the program that I realized that nursing was not where my heart was.

After having my son, I decided to take a break from school and reconsidered my career goals. I knew I wanted to stay in the medical field. I knew that the medical field was where my heart was. I had earned two years of pre-requites from the nursing programs. I researched different medical career options, and found Medical Diagnostic Sonography. I chose this field of study as my goal because_____________. At the time of my decision I did not have the finances to go to school, so I decided that I needed a backup plan to accomplish my goal. With money being very tight I searched for an affordable school and found Orange Technical College. After looking at the medical programs offered, I decided to inquire more about Medical Administrative Specialist program. I found that the program was somewhat affordable, short term, and a great way to get my food back into the field.

Currently I am enrolled in that program at Orange Technical College’s Westside Campus. I am also working one job and recently had an interview for a second job, so that I can continue paying out of pocket for my education, because I was unable to qualify for financial aid. I am trying to rebuild my credit so I can one day purchase a home for my son and I. Being a single mom is a challenge itself, but I am determined to reach my goal. I will not allow anything to stop me from striving for a better life. When time get tough, just the thought of my son gives me the motivation to continue and not give up.

Since enrolling in the program at Westside campus, I have been focused on my assignments. My instructor often tells me that she is proud of my focus and outstanding grades. By remaining focused I will be able to graduate sooner than expected, because the program is a competency-based program. My goal after graduation is to enroll in Florida Hospital’s Medical Diagnostic Sonography program. After completing that program I will further my education to the field of Radiology. Enrolling in Florida Hospital’s program will allow me to receive tuition reimbursement after graduation, which would help out tremendously.

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