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Strategic Human Resource Worksheet

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Computers have made communication better in many different ways. For instance, much of the employee recruitment and selection process can be done over the internet. Companies can realize a considerable savings over a recruitment agency. According to an article in the Best Practice magazine called Does e-recruitment work? It states, "Firms can pay 25 per cent of a candidate's salary to recruitment agencies, compared with the negligible costs of recruiting via the corporate website." (Coleman, 2006, p. 27) The Internet is a great recruitment and selection tool that can be taken advantage of especially when looking for employees on a global basis. The reason I selected this article is because of possible cost savings the company could realize.

According to Derek Stockley (2006) he reminds the reader that recruitment among job websites is growing and allows companies to go direct rather than through agencies. These websites are quick and inexpensive and fairly easy to use. The challenge with this method is the advertising must be structured correctly to attract

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