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Study of Factors Affecting Employee Engagement at Kochartech Pvt. Ltd

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A Report on

“Study of Factors affecting Employee Engagement at KocharTech Pvt. Ltd.”

Submitted in the context of

Corporate Internship Program 2016.

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Submitted To:                                                                                Submitted By:

Ms. Mamta Jain                                                                                  Karan Setia

Director- HR                                                                            PGDM (2015-2017)

Kochar InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.                                                              FIIB, New Delhi


In the pursuit and accomplishment of this report on “Study on factors affecting Employee Engagement at KocharTech Pvt. Ltd.”, I would like to thank Ms. Mamta Jain-Director HR for being a perennial source of support and motivation during the Corporate Internship Program.        

I also extend my heartfelt gratitude towards Ms. Sonia Mathur-DGM HR for her immense support and assistance during the preparation of this report. I also thank my Corporate Mentor Ms. Gitika Deka for her guidance during the internship.

Table of Contents

  Chapter No.



Executive Summary


Introduction to the Company


Review of Literature


Project Objectives


Project Methodology Adopted


Data  Analysis  &  Interpretation







Executive Summary

In the present Competitive business world, human capital has become one of the critical elements to sustain and grow in the industry. Thus, it is necessary to understand various tools of proper management of Human resources.

 The project on ‘A Study of factors affecting Employee Engagement at KocharTech’ was carried out by the researcher at Kochar InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. which is amongst India’s fastest growing technology driven companies.

Employee Engagement refers to the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. The importance of employee engagement stems from the fact that it is the people who are behind the success of any organization. Therefore, they should be committed and engaged enough to work towards the achievement of organizational goals.

The objective behind conducting this research was to identify the factors which affect the employee engagement practices in an organizational context.

 The researcher studied available literature to get in-depth knowledge about the research topic. Primary research through an online survey was conducted to achieve the research objectives. After getting the responses, several inferences were drawn and on the basis of these inferences certain recommendations were made.


      Introduction to the Company

Company Profile

KocharTech is a 5000+ employees company providing managed services in the world of connected devices ecosystem. The company’s vision is to be the leading organization that helps consumers do more with their smart devices by being agile and innovative, investing in people and understanding consumer behavior.

It is diversified into three verticals- Retail (Gizmo Help), BPO (Gizmo Support) and IT (KocharSoft). Gizmo Help division helps connected consumers do more with their devices. It solves the technology challenges for consumers by offering installation, integration, support, and training services for Smartphones, Tablets, PCs & Laptops, Smart TVs and Home Security Systems.

Gizmo Support offers contact centers, frontline support, and specialized, technology and strategy building training programs for the industry professionals.

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