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Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolution

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Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolution

It may seem that team work is easier than individual work for the reason that each team member must only complete a portion of the task; in addition team projects can be very challenging. With the intention of success as a team, all the team members must be willing to work together with others or cooperate. An important factor for success as a group is arranging productive meetings. Being productive means producing abundantly. When Associated with team work, a good definition of productive meetings is when a great deal of work given to the team can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time.

Punctuality, choice of location, and organization of team members play an important role in productive meetings. Being present and on time is very important in group work, with the intention that the completed or to be completed work can be discussed among all team players and further questions can be addressed. Whether it is meeting in person, a conference call, or meeting in a chat room, if one of the team members is absent or late for the meeting, it will take away valuable time from the team tasks that need to be addressed. The group will not be able to discuss their task quickly and move on to the next step because they will need to go back and explain the missed details to the other individuals. Therefore, the group will not be capable to work efficiently.

When it comes to meetings in person, it is important to choose a place with a minimum amount of distraction present, but at the same time where team members can communicate at a low level. For instance, many people chose Starbucks as a meeting place when doing group projects. Starbucks on Robson Street, where there is a constant flow of people in and out and a great deal of noise from the traffic outside, it will not be a excellent spot for a productive meeting. Noisy places such as this will make it difficult to concentrate on school work and to communicate with each other.

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