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The Industrial Revolution Began in Great Britain

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The industrial revolution began in Great Britain around 1750. Other European nations

also were a part of this process. The industrial Revolution began in England because they

had the technological ability, the government and a large trade network. Technology

started out with wood and steal and later progressed to railroads and the trains. After this,

American felt like it needed to less dependent on England and Europe. England and

Europe wanted to keep all the technological skill there, therefore leading Americans to

offer a rewarded for anyone who had some skill in factory work. After that, the skills

progressed and we later experienced the same type of industrial revolution, except in


Technology's impact on today's American society is obvious. As mentioned before,

there are all different ways one can choose to look at this. If you think about things that

would seem so normal to us like televisions and radios, are things that to us may seem

like they have been around forever, but have not. Technology has changes the way we

shape our ideas and how we think. The American experience is being lived through


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