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The Market Repositioning Strategy of Indus Hospital

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April, 22nd 2014

Riaz Khan

IoBM, Karachi


 Dear Sir,

We request you to accept this case study on “THE MARKET REPOSITIONING STRATEGY OF INDUS HOSPITAL” assigned to us as a Term Report.

 The purpose of the report is to inform you regarding our recommendation. In this report, we have tried to alter some of the 7P’s of marketing which involves price, place, product people, physical evidence, process and promotion. The data for the report was collected through the help of questionnaires filled by the students of IoBM and some of the people living in the vicinity of the team member’s residence and the hospital. Executive Summary is also provided for quick review and understanding. We have tried our best to cover all aspects of the subject and we hope that this case study will serve its purpose.

Thank You for taking out some time for our report. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the report, please feel free to contact us through our official university Student IDs. Thank you once again for your never ending support and encouragement.

Ayesha Bilwani (15610)        

Malik Daniyal Jan (15926)


Acknowledgement                                                                                1
Letter of Transmittal                                                                                2
Executive Summary                                                                                4
Issues                                                                                                           5
Current Marketing Strategy                                                                        5
Marketing Strategy and Action Plan                                                                7                 Budgeting                                                                                                  12 Controls                                                                                        12

Teaching Notes                                                                                     14                         


Indus Hospital is one of the most prestigious charitable hospitals of Pakistan. It came into being in 2005 by three seasoned physicians i.e. Dr. Bari, Dr. Humayun and Dr. Zafar. Indus Hospital is a hospital for the needy and the less privileged members of the society. It has a tagline of “QUALITY CARE FREE OF COST”. It delivers what it defines and provides free health care for the society. They have the departments of General Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Pediatric surgery, Children Cancer, Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery, Orthopedics and Trauma Centre, Nephrology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology and Plastic surgery among many others.

Indus Hospital being a charitable trust hospital has no profit and no loss evaluation and its annual marketing expenditure is Rs. 7,000,000. Their current marketing includes print media, campaigns, TV talk shows, public relations and Shariah compliance. Indus hospital’s target market is the low end or less privileged members of the society. They currently have one hospital in operation at Korangi Crossing. Other than that they initiated a project in which they are opening their clinics in various places in Karachi, Bhong, Lahore, Quetta and some rural areas of Pakistan.

The repositioning strategy of Indus that we have put forth for Indus Hospital is that it should increase its advertising particularly should bring some TV commercials so that more public be aware of what it is they offer. Other than that to get more funds in order to continue their operations they should also look for putting up donation boxes at various areas in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan so that they can get the required funds. For this same purpose Indus Hospital can also organize some charitable dinners in which they can invite various philanthropists of Pakistan and make them aware of the Hospital’s activities so as to get abundant donations so that they continue to provide free and quality health care to the needy.

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