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Usace Asian Carp Presentation Reflection

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Joseph Lowe

ENGR 235-01

Dr. Ritzema

6 November 2018

USACE Asian Carp Presentation Reflection

The USACE presentation discussed how they were going to prevent the Asian carp from migrating into the great lakes. One example that they gave was an electric barrier. This barrier sends out a magnetic field and shocks fish that try to swim through it. This barrier idea was deemed effective, so they made one barrier to start out. After noticing the effectiveness of the barrier, the USACE decided to make four identical barriers to prevent the migration of Asian carp. Although this barrier was successful there were several drawbacks. One of these drawbacks were the extremely high electricity costs. These electricity costs could cost USACE an annul 80,000 dollars a year. With that much money it is hard to see the effectiveness of the barriers.  Another drawback that was noticed from the barriers were the new regulations put on boaters. One example that was given was that boaters couldn’t transport any explosive materials through the water way anymore.  Although these drawbacks are bad, the worst drawback to the barriers were their ineffectiveness to stop the Asian carp. An example that was given in the presentation was the dead Asian carp DNA found past the barriers. The USACE did say that the DNA came from bird dropping, or a dead Asian carp that was decaying, but the DNA still proves the carp advancement. All in all, USACE finished their presentation with hope for future research. For example, the biological approach that could hopefully prevent the Asian carp migration.

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