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Was the Reign of Terror Justified?

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World History

Was the Reign of Terror Justified?

Everyone deserves protection during a democratic revolution, not just revolutionaries.

During the French Revolution, the revolutionaries wanted to make a new government based on

freedom for the people. Particularly in the vicinity of 1793 and 1794, they utilized outrageous

measures to accomplish objectives. Were these extraordinary measures called the Reign of

Terror, Justified? No, the Terror wasn't justified, because it was primarily directed as a means of

terrorizing the opponents of the radical movement's attempts toward instilling dictatorial control.

The outside dangers did not require it, within dangers did not merit it, and the strategies were

excessively outrageous.

The external forces did not want the Reign of Terror to happen. The monarchies and

other nations around France did not want enlightenment ideas to spread. This is why so there

were so many alliances against France, and to suppress its ideas (Doc C). Austria and Prussia’s

main appearance in the French Revolution is to try and free Marie Antoinette, part of the royal

monarch family of Austria because they supported her and her husband, Louis 16th (Doc B).

Because it is done in such a short amount of time, the extreme measures could not be justified for

that it was nearly over.

The internal threats did not deserve the punishment of Terror. Many French people - local

nobility, priests, and peasants - rebelled against the revolution. Following these rebellions, were

punishments and deprivation of items goods and places to go. People in places like the Vendee

had rights to vote; this was answered with tyrannical government changes (Doc D). Basic

freedoms were denied and terror was used against them because they had fought against the

change and new government. Even thought this was an enlightenment idea to question the

government, they were still punished.

The response from the Reign of Terror to external and internal threats was too extreme.

Revolutionary government hired spies and set up tribunals. In the tribunals the officials were not

elected among the general public, but appointed by the national convention, which was

revolutionary (Doc E). Due to this many people were convicted of treason and most

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