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Will a Democratic Government Be Successful in Iraq?

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The statement at hand is whether or not a democratic government will be successful in Iraq. I support this statement. A successful government requires sustained commitment and a clear set of objectives in order to function properly. To create a democracy in a country is much easier said than done. Creating a democracy is a long-term process that consists of many requirements to begin development. There will be also challenges that slow the process down as well as long term effects whether it succeeds or not. However, I do believe that the Iraqi people are up to the task to build a successful democracy.

The first step towards having a successful democracy is that the Iraqi citizens have to know about their political system so they are able to take views on politics and know specifically what they are voting for. As we all know, the ideological conditions in Iraq before the US invasion was terrible under the rule of Saddam Hussein. He ran everything. There was no voting, no equal right, education system was in ruins. He was more like a military dictator than a leader. He would torture people and expel certain people that he didn't like from the country. Iraq and its entire people were saved from many more years of torture and suffering by the United States. Saddam Hussein treated his people badly and deserved to be executed the way he was for causing all those innocent Iraqis harm for decades.

Most bystanders feel that the only way that Iraq makes money is through the selling of oil. However, that is not the case. Although the oil business contributes most of the money to the economy, however there are a few other contributing businesses. Surprising to most people, Iraq's economy is booming. Iraqna, the country's leading mobile phone company, posted revenues of $520 million last year. The real estate business in Iraq is doing great. The construction, retail, and wholesale trade businesses are all healthy. There is a known 34,000 businesses in Iraq. The sales of cars, televisions, and mobile phones have all risen sharply over the last few years. However the unemployment rate is still between 30 % and 50 %. There have been income tax cuts that have put more money in Iraqi pockets. The economy is in place for many years to come and Iraq will continue to work towards democracy with this booming economy in place.


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