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Writing a Sequel to 3 Idiots

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Writing a sequel to 3 Idiots : Well, it couldn’t have got tougher than this. The original had a  mind boggling budget of 350 million rupees,Raj Kumar Hirani as the director, the perfectionist Amir Khan in the lead role and it ended carving a place for itself in the annals of Indian Cinema and more importantly in the hearts of the Indian audience . Trying to create a sequel to this movie is nothing short of making an attempt to scale the lofty heights of the Himalayas. Even the smallest mistake won’t go un-noticed . And churning out a FLOP sequel to 3 Idiots : well,the consequences are too dire to discuss about !

However, more than the captivating storyline, it’s the spirit of  3 idiots that appeals to us: a spirit of undying enthusiasm , a spirit to embark on the toughest of assignments without the fear of failure , a spirit of enjoying every living moment : for life is too short to waste by fearing and complaining. Without any further ado and  with this spirit we  will begin our story :

In this story, we introduce the fourth idiot : Rancho’s son : Rohan Chachad . While, Pia had been successful in deciding a proper good name for their child ,Rohan couldn’t escape the famous or infamous “surname of Chachad” .Rohan didn’t take too long to prove that he had inherited his father’s talent. He started off as the first boy of his school, made to the prestigious engineering institute of the country  ad kept on adding feathers to his hat.

At this point, the story takes a turn. As the writers of this narrative, we had a tough time to decide about the possible course of the story.There were so many options available to us : add dollops of the so called “masala” to make the storyline spicy,adding a villain to the story was also an option worth trying,a romance brewing somewhere:  perfect ingredients for a blockbuster movie.Instead, we have decided to tread along a route ,not explored very often.We tried to visit the realm of human relationships: an intricate world of ineffable emotions. Rancho,undoubtedly is god’s chosen child.But,that does not imply that he is bereft of human emotions.In this narrative, we will be  talking of a relationship: not discussed that often. The relationship between a father and his son.The tussle between the two, and the bond that survives despite the subtle and the not so subtle conflicts.

While Rohan had inherited his father’s genes as far as intelligence was concerned,he didn’t quite imbibe the morals that his father tried to instill in him.Since childhood,it’s the hedonistic world that dominated Rohan’s consciousness.”I have got talent and I am going to use it for my own benefits only”, Rohan often said to himself.Rancho’s words of “giving it back to the society” fell on deaf ears.As the days passed,the differences grew.The minor altercations finally culminated in a major squabble wherein Rohan vowed not to talk to his father again.In his fit of rage,Rancho too had done the unthinkable: commanding his son to leave the house.

Fast forward fifteen  years : Meanwhile a lot has happened -> Rohan’s company has become one of the biggest software giants in the world.Professionally,Rohan has touched the very pinnacle of success.But, deep inside, he feels a void.With age, he has stared realizing , at least vaguely the wisdom in his father’s words.But, both the father-son duo have steadfastly kept their promise.Many attempts of close family friends like Raju and Farhan  to melt the ice have gone in vain.One day,the news struck Rohan like a bolt from the blue.Raju, in his last bid to unite the father-son duo , informed Rohan about Rancho’s terminal illness.Unable to hold himself back,Rohan has rushed to the family home on the banks of Ladakh’s  famous somoriri lake.

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